He grew up nourished by the sounds of the ocean and nature, from which his musical roots come from.

Surrounded by a strong musical atmosphere, Tiger fell in love from a very young age with Neil Young, America, Tracy Chapman, among others.

From the very first time he picked up a guitar, he naturally felt the need to write and express his own ideas through words and melodies.

Attracted by the vastness of the world and curious about its diversity, at the age of 19, Tiger decided to grab his guitar and start a new journey in life.

The years spent crossing oceans, meeting new people, learning about new cultures, new atmospheres, landscapes, and nature, nourished his artistic sensitivity.

All the miles he has travelled left him with memories and a book full of lyrics and melodies.

After many different plans and many different opportunities, Tiger returned to Europe, landing and settling for a year in London ending up living with the guitarist Dário Ferreira and the singer/pianist Célia Kleindienst in Homerton High street. 

Attending at The London Music School Tiger and his new family met the Bassist/audio-engineer Fabio Gentilin.

All coming from different musical background and influences, Célia, Fabio and Dario all shared Tiger’s musical sensitivity and a common way of looking at the world. 

A first EP had then been recorded in 2018 as a studio project ( and soon to be released, nov 2019). 


« It’s a journey from dreamy ballads to timeless progressive songs with a moody atmosphere reminiscent of colors from unknown places. 

Comforting, melancholic, late summer to mid-fall vibes emanate from the sweetness of the harmonies in perfect balance with the power and the melodies of the electric guitar »


After the release of the first and successful single « Shadow in the Dark » Tiger met the Greek-american guitarist/songwriter Vamvakas Anthony and the French drummer Kerbrat Thomas. 

They both joined Celia, Fabio and Tiger to go on a first tour around France, UK and Portugal during the summer 2019 under the name of Tiger & The Homertons. 

A first album is now ready and about to be recorded early 2020. 

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